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About Hood River Soaring 

The mission of Hood River Soaring is to promote the art and science of soaring by making the sport more accessible to all, including special outreach programs for youth.  


Hood River Soaring was founded in 2016 as an Oregon non-profit 501(c)(3) educational, scientific, and charitable organization. We are growing together with the young people that we introduce to the sport of soaring. We collaborate with community agencies, schools, and service clubs to develop programs for youth that offer important lessons of: 

  • responsibility,

  • mental discipline,

  • self-confidence, and

  • mature decision-making. 

Our mission is supported through a combination of donations, grants, membership fees, and revenue from sightseeing rides and related activities.

Membership in Hood River Soaring is offered at levels of participation ranging from those who want to enjoy occasional glider rides and share them with friends and family to the aspiring pilot intent on high performance competition.

Victoria Ervin 01 Solo 01.JPG

Hood River Soaring is an official chapter of the Soaring Society of America.

Read more about us in the Hood River News and Hood River Biz Buzz!

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