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Hood River Soaring (HRS) is an official chapter of the Soaring Society of America (SSA). 

Our annual membership dues include the cost of SSA membership ($75 regular membership, $45 family, and $42 youth memberships).  Membership in SSA is mandatory for all members of HRS. Dues are per calendar-year, due on June 1st and must be paid prior to any flying.


  • Access to HRS fleet

  • Access to glider towing and instruction at member rates

  • Hood River Valley scenic rides at a 40% discount to members

  • Participate in HRS social functions

  • Online Services at HRS website that facilitate the sharing of news, stories, pictures, videos, and other data




Regular Membership:

  • One time Initiation fee $300

  • Annual dues $325 ($250 to HRS + $75 to SSA)


Family Membership:

  • For additional family members

  • Initiation and dues are half of Regular Membership.

  • One time Initiation fee $150

  • Annual dues $170 ($125 to HRS + $45 to SSA)


Youth Membership:

  • Age 13 to 25

  • Eligible for Youth Program: Scholarships and Work-Study

  • Initiation fee of $100 prior to solo

  • Pay $100 balance of initiation fee after solo

  • Annual dues of $150 (includes $42 SSA youth member dues)


Tow Pilot Membership:

  • For pilots who want to join the club exclusively to fly tow planes

  • Complete 15 donated tows in lieu of initiation fee

  • Annual dues of $100




Reciprocity Membership with Willamette Valley Soaring Club:

  • For current members of Willamette Valley Soaring Club

  • Proof of WVSC and SSA membership required

  • Allows use of club aircraft and towing at regular membership rates

  • $60 for 10 days in any configuration during the annual season


Visitor Membership:

  • For visiting pilots who live more than 100 miles from Hood River

  • Proof of SSA membership required

  • Allows use of club aircraft, towing, and instruction at regular membership rates

  • $100 a month, maximum of 3 months per year

  • $200 one time initiation fee

  • $500 refundable deposit


Soaring Society of America (SSA) FAST Program:

  • Introductory glider lesson provided by Hood River Soaring

  • $139 for a 3 month membership in the SSA

  • FAST participants may extend introductory membership with HRS for up to 3 months at $50/month

  • To qualify, a FAST voucher must be purchased in advance from the SSA and submitted to a Hood River Soaring administrator. (Note that you may receive a voucher by fax during normal business hours.)

  • For more information visit or call 1-575-392-1177


Professional Consultant Membership:

  • For commercial pilots, tow pilots, and instructors who are visiting in a consulting capacity

  • Proof of SSA membership required

  • Use of club aircraft permitted for consulting purposes only

  • No fees charged in recognition of consulting services

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