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We are proud of all the members of Hood River Soaring who have become new glider pilots since we began flying in 2016.

Scroll all the way down to see the very first!


Eric Hamada
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: October 27, 2019
Eric Hamada Checkride_edited.jpg
Chris Ames
1st Glider Solo: October 2, 2019
Chris Ames Solo.JPG
Russ Werner
1st Glider Solo: June 30, 2019
Russ Werner Solo.jpg
Bill Boyd
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: May 31, 2019
Bill Boyd Checkride.jpg
Eric Hamada
1st Glider Solo: April 24, 2019
Eric Hamada Solo 02.jpg
Seth Gilchrist
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: October 27, 2019
Seth Gilchrist Checkride_edited.jpg
Victoria Ervin
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: July 12, 2019
Victoria Ervin Checkride 01.jpg
Dwayne Troxel
Commercial Glider Pilot
Checkride: June 28, 2019
Dwayne Troxel Commercial.jpg
1st Glider Solo: June 9, 2019
Dwayne Troxel Solo.jpg
Ian Wiebke
1st Solo: April 20, 2019
Ian Wiebke Solo.jpg
Joe Thomas
1st Glider Solo: April 20, 2019
Joe Thomas Solo.jpg


Stan Voynick
1st Glider Solo: November 9, 2018
Stan Voynick 1st solo.jpg
Gideon Stasak
1st Solo: November 3, 2018
Gideon Stasak Solo 01.JPG
Bill Boyd
1st Solo: September 29, 2018
Bill Boyd Solo.jpg
Seth Gilchrist
1st Glider Solo: November 8, 2018
Seth Gilchrist Solo 01.jpg
Victoria Ervin
1st Solo: October 27, 2018
Victoria Ervin Solo 02.jpg
Mark Stanfield - CFIG
Checkride: April 29, 2018
Mark Stanfield CFIG.jpg
Mike Kingen
Commercial Glider Pilot
Checkride: April 22, 2018
Mike Kingen Checkride.jpg


Mark Stanfield
Commercial Glider Pilot
Checkride: October 29, 2017
Mark Stanfield Commercial Checkride.jpg
1st Glider Solo: August 27, 2017
Mark Stanfield Solo 02.jpg
Russ Read
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: October 6, 2017
Russ Read Checkride.JPG
1st Glider Solo: September 10, 2017
Russ Read Solo.jpg
Cory Roesler
Commercial Glider Pilot
Checkride: August 12, 2017
Cory Roeseler Commercial Checkride.jpg
Nathan Fuentes
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: August 11, 2017
Nathan Fuentes Checkride 02.JPG
Ron Montague
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: October 28, 2017
Ron Montague Checkride.jpg
1st Glider Solo: July 9, 2017
Ron Montague Solo.jpg
Mark Johnson
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: October 22, 2017
Mark Johnson Checkride.jpg
1st Glider Solo: October 18, 2017
Waiting for a picture.jpg
Al Creigh
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: September 15, 2017
Al Creigh Checkride.jpg
1st Glider Solo: May 21, 2017
Al Creigh Solo.jpg


Francisco Naylor
1st Solo: September 18, 2016
Nathan Fuentes
1st Solo: July 2, 2016
Nathan Fuentes Solo.JPG
Cory Roeseler
Private Glider Pilot
Checkride: October 8, 2016
Cory Checkride.JPG
1st Glider Solo: September 4, 2016
Waiting for a picture.jpg
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