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To schedule your ride, call or text (541) 286-5609 

or send an email to


Discover the views and amazing experience of glider flying over Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge.

Approximate flight time: 20-30 minutes

Tow to 3,000 foot release altitude. 

1 passenger $195 - 2 passengers $245


Soar the ridge or catch a thermal as you traverse the beautiful valley below.

Approximate flight time: 40-50 minutes

Tow to 3,000-5,000 foot release altitude. 

1 passenger $245 - 2 passengers $295


Soar the ridge, thermal, or mountain wave as the views expand beyond the Hood River valley.

Approximate flight time: 60-90 minutes

Tow to 3,000-7,000 foot release altitude. 

1 passenger $345 - 2 passengers $395


IMPORTANT: The weight limit for one or two passengers is 350 pounds.

For more information call or text

(541) 286-5609 or send an email to

Enjoy the feeling of floating on air

with only the sound of the wind, the view of the mountains around you, and the river valley below. Come take a flight you will always remember. You might even share the sky with a hawk or an eagle!

Our experienced commercial pilots will custom design your flight to fit your desires.

Glider soaring over orchards in blossom in the Hood River Valley

When you arrive at the airport on your flight day, you will be escorted to the glider staging area and introduced to your pilot, who will custom design your flight to match your desires and the weather conditions.  

At flight time you will be assisted into the glider and rolled onto the runway where the pilot, ground crew, and tow pilot will coordinate the launch procedures. The tow plane will launch the glider and cruise to soaring altitude where your pilot will release the tow rope.


Free from the sound or power of engines, you will experience a grand view of the snow capped mountains, river valleys, verdant orchards and countryside that make the Hood River valley a truly unique and breathtaking place to soar.  

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